Get Air Tan Professional Salon Tanning!


We are proud to offer you the very best spray tanning formula for salon-use. Treat your customers in your salon with Get Air Tans unique formula.

It is common to concentrate too much on the machinery involved in spray tanning. But the most important aspect is the spray fluid, which we offer as a product containing a DHA-solution. Poor quality fluid = poor results, regardless of the quality of the machinery or the cost. Get Air Tan started out with spray tan for home-use but due to a large demand from salons throughout the country, we can now offer Get Air Tan Professional for salon-use.

Get Air Tan differentiates itself with its unique formula that brings out the perfect sun-brown color without turning orange or staining. Also, the product is hydrating. Get Air Tan has only 3 different nuances; Original 8% DHA, Dark tan 10% DHA and Extra dark 14% DHA that fits all skin types. Therefore, it is both easier and more cost efficient both for you and your customer.


The Get Air Tan formula has a nice, soft smell of vanilla and leaves no stains.

The unique formula contains seven natural fruit- and herb extracts, vitamins and etherical oils and hydrates as well as provides a soft skin. The color emerges with help of a natural sugar and DHA that is extracted by yeasting of sugar beans. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is approved by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).
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Every kit is provided with a guarantee and instructions on how to use your equipment. If you are just starting out, you can contact us for a quick-course to secure that you are using your equipment in the correct way.

To open a salon, you need to provide your interest by sending an e-mail to:
To start your own business is easy. To start with, you need a proper venue including either an area where liquid-use is allowed or use a tent of at least 4m2 where you can perform the treatment.


To think about: Airbrush tanning has the capacity to treat customers quickly.

We sell airbrush-systems but we only recommend these to customers that will perform a small amount of treatments, meaning where spray tan is a minor part of the business. 

Recommended price:

The price for a full-body treatment ought to be between 250-350SEK depending on the exclusivity of your salon as well as possible exclusive offers for regular customers.

A container with 4 liters of spray fluid provides: Amount of full-body treatments: 60 Price per treatment: 250 SEK Total gross revenue: 15.000 SEK Cost DHA fluid -2.800 SEK Total gross profit: 12.200 SEK

A full-body treatment is finished in about 10 minutes, including drying. The spray tan fluid cost around 25 SEK per full-body treatment. The profit is 225 SEK. Counting ca. 50 treatments per week, this provides a revenue of 585.000 SEK per year. To remember: It is sufficient for the customer to spray tan once every ten days. Therefore, it is recommended to provide exclusive prices depending on the customers’ wish. Package pricing is popular.

A container of 1 liter spray fluid is sufficient for 15-20 full-body treatments for a person with a normal body type. However, many customers might perhaps choose to only spray their face and neck or just their legs. Spray tanning is the latest and safest way to become sun tanned. The demand for this product has increased dramatically. Spray tanning is today a legitimate beauty treatment that is here to stay. The benefits of starting your own salon for spray tanning
Low initial cost and high profit are the foremost and most interesting benefits. But consider also that spray tanning targets all types of customers – old, young, women and men. The interest of the public in spray tanning has so far been similar, regardless age or gender.


Your start-kit contains the following:

1 Turbo airbrush machine 1
Pop-up tent
4 liter Get Air Tan formula
Poster & flyers for marketing
Certified course 1-2 persons is included
Package price is 9.900SEK excl. VAT. Original price is 11.500SEK excl. VAT.

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