My Story

I had tried many self-tanning products when I realized there was a need for a product that does not make your skin orange, uneven or smells bad. I decided to developed a product which led to the first airbrush/self-tanning for home-use. The product is made in Sweden and has a natural formula. It can be used at home and most important of all: it gives a natural suntan and adjusts to your unique pigment.

I’m sure that many people can relate to my lifestyle 

I am married with children and have a busy job which means that I don’t always have time for myself. I needed a practical, quick and healthy tan. After using my own Get Air/Brush-tan, many of my friends started to ask for my products, simply because they have the same need as me. Who doesn’t want a beautiful tan all-year round? This was my starting point and I founded the company Crissa Sweden.

You can feel safe with my products. You get a natural and beautiful tan with a product that does not clot your pores and that does not smell bad. My formula contains natural ingredients and is entirely free from parabens and animal-testing.

Be smart and beautiful – spray tan! By choosing to spray tan instead of tanning outside, you protect your skin from radiation, and reduce the risk for skin cancer and UV that makes the skin less flexible and wrinkly. To sunbathe in a solarium more than ten times per year, can also increase your risk for skin cancer.
What is a good spray tan? A good spray tan is easy to apply, durable and economical. And of course, it gives a fantastic and even result due to the natural pigments in the product. I sincerely hope and believe that you will love my products as much as I do myself, together with thousands of my customers!